Jewellery Boxes

If you love wearing jewellery and want to keep your precious metals and gems safe and looking good for years to come, buy a jewellery box. jewellery boxes are available in varied sizes and shapes and can be made with different material, giving the buyers a wide range of options to choose from. These boxes not only look beautiful and stylish, but also ensure that some of your most valuable and emotional charges pieces stay protected.

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Type of Jewellery Items to be Stored

For Necklaces: A jewellery armoire features hooks and dedicated slots that allow you to hang your necklaces in it without having to worry about the chains getting knotted or tangled with other pieces of jewellery. This type of jewellery box includes most features of a standard jewellery box and also includes pull out drawers.

For rings, bracelets, or earrings: A jewellery roll is one of those types of small boxes that provide a pouch like storage option with compartments, allowing you to store necklaces, rings, watches and other items. Another great option to store small pieces of jewellery is to buy a box with compartments and drawers. Boxes that have small compartments can help keep your bracelets rings and earrings protected from scratches or getting lost.

Bangles and cuffs: For these type of jewellery items is best that you buy a jewelry box that has pockets that can hold these pieces and keep them safe.


- Keeps your jewellery safe, protected and organized

- Allows easy accessibility

- Helps keep different sizes of jewellery in one place

- Makes you jewellery look more beautiful and bright when displayed in the box

- Keeps jewellery free from dust and dirt

Tips to choose the right box

Choose Wood: Boxes for storing jewellery are available in different materials, but if you are looking for a box that is sturdy and will keep your items safe and sound, buy wooden jewellery box. Apart from being available in natural finishes, wood boxes prevent moisture build up, keeping your jewellery safe and protected.

Consider your jewellery collection: Opt for a jewellery box according to the type of jewellery you want to store in it. So whether you choose to have an armoire or a jewellery box with slots or with drawers, ensure that you buy one that holds your jewellery without getting it tangled.

Lock or not lock: Generally, jewellery boxes are kept in a safe deposit box at the bank or in a locked room. However, if you want to keep them safe from young children, choosing boxes with childproof locks would be a wise decision.

Jewellery boxes can be a perfect gift for someone who wants to safeguard or enhance their jewellery collection. Investing in a jewellery box will only help keep your valuable safe, but also give you peace of mind.